Promoting Equity

Alexandre Maymat

Head of the Africa, Mediterranean Basin and Overseas

In Africa, women are the leading players in local economic development. And yet, the path to becoming an entrepreneur remains a difficult one for them. In collaborating with the WIA Foundation, we are proud to support these women entrepreneurs who are shaping the Africa of tomorrow.

Societe Generale strives to fight against discrimination and works on the different components of diversity.

As a signatory to the Women’s Empowerment Principles, under the aegis of the United Nations Global Compact, promoting gender quality at work, both within the company and in its sphere of influence, the Group has made it a priority to promote women.

In this spirit, Societe Generale supports various initiatives aimed at enhancing women's place in society and the professional world, such as Women in Africa and Les Héroïnes

The Women in Africa Foundation supports and assists African women entrepreneurs.

Thanks to the establishment of an endowment fund, Women in Africa is carrying out a general interest mission and promoting the spread of education in the field of economic development, and more particularly the training of future women leaders of innovative businesses.

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The ‘‘Heroines’’ Forum is an event dedicated to executive and entrepreneur women aspiring to high level careers. It aims to bring together 250 women from every business sectors for a unique day of training, conferences, debates and networking around women's leadership.

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