A responsible Bank

A responsible employer

The bank (and its subsidiaries) are committed to treating their employees with respect and equity and to develop their value and skills.

Preventative measures in the African subsidiaries:

The Group keeps a constant watch of risks that could affect the health of its staff throughout the world and conducts large-scale prevention campaigns, managed as close to the field as possible, in order to respond pragmatically to the needs and concerns of the local population. In 2014, Societe Generale:

  • Launched the “Un Casque pour Tous” [A Helmet for Everyone] programme via Societe Generale Benin: educated and supported by the NGO ALINAGNON, which focuses on road safety in Benin, Societe Generale Benin launched a programme in 2014 to prevent road accidents for its employees: “Un Casque pour Tous” [A Helmet for Everyone]. 80% of its employees commute to work by motorcycle or motorcycle taxi every day or occasionally. That is why the subsidiary’s senior management offered each of its employees a certified helmet and a subsidy to buy additional helmets for their family and friends.
  • Carried out pandemic information and prevention campaigns in the African subsidiaries, primarily on malaria and HIV/AIDS. The HIV/AIDS programme implemented involved all employees and their families in each country concerned; it focused on education, testing, provision of treatment and the fight against all forms of discrimination;
  • Conducted, in the Algerian and Moroccan subsidiaries, campaigns to promote breast cancer screening, which was offered to female employees and, in Algeria, to male employees' wives.
  • Led campaigns to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus were also conducted in Africa, in particular in Guinea where the Group operates through its Societe Generale de Banques en Guinée (SGBG) subsidiary. The Bank took action there after consulting with medical experts from International SOS, the Crisis Centre of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the World Health Organization (WHO).