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COP 22 in Marrackech: Société Générale Maroc innovates for customers and the climate

The 22nd Session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22) has open on the 7th of November in Marrakech and will be held until 18 November. For Salaheddine Mezouar, President of the COP22, this conference is an "opportunity to make the voices of the most vulnerable countries to climate change heard, in particular African countries and island states – it is urgent to act on these issues linked to stability and security". COP22 will be the one of action.
As a responsible bank, Société Générale Maroc decided to act for the climate – and to inspire customers to do so – by launching C'BIO, a bank card made of bioplastic.

Eco-friendly card
Unlike other cards, Société Générale Maroc C'BIO card is not made of PVC but of polylactic acid (PLA), a biodegradable biomass plastic derived from corn. This eco-friendly alternative helps to minimize the environmental impact of PVC, which is derived from fossil resources.

Aesthetic card
C'BIO is illustrated with the photograph "Les Marais, Knifis (nord de Laâyoune)" from Yann Arthus-Bertrand, the renowned photographer who had 21 pictures exhibited within the art space of Société Générale Maroc Marrakech Gueliz branch in September, as part of the exhibition "60 solutions against climate change".  

Discover the exhibition "60 solutions against climate change"

Environmental and architectural feat in Tchad

Under Chad's extreme climatic, economic and politic conditions, Société Générale Tchad, following the impetus of Emmanuel Piot, its Chief Executive Officer, and Thierry Bridé, its Deputy Chief Executive Officer, built two annex buildings: the first is a business center for Corporate clients and the second has a data center and premises for the IT, Finance and Legal Departments.

"Representatives of Chad's government visited the construction site on multiple occasions and seem to be particularly interested in the innovations, which are the first in the country and in Central Africa." declared Thierry Bridé.

Societe Generale Ghana: solar panel for ATMs

Societe Generale Ghana installed solar panels at three Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). It is planned to install solar panels at three more locations.

Benefits expected from the solar powered ATMs include:

For the bank
Energetic self-sufficiency leading to savings in the ever increasing electricity cost.

For customers
Uninterrupted power supply leading to 24/7 service and access to the ATM by our customers.

For the climate
Contribution to environment protection as green and safe energy from sun does not produce CO2.

Thus, these solar ATMs enhance Societe Generale Ghana's brand image of an eco-friendly and customer-oriented bank, suiting its customer services to the local particularities.

Société Générale Burkina Faso opens an eco-friendly and innovative branch

SGBF opens its second eco-friendly branch and continues its development in line with the Group's CSR commitment.

The SGBF's branch in Pissi was entirely built with earth blocks, and its photovoltaic panels produce enough power to supply the whole building. As a result, its daily energy consumption and carbon emissions are significantly reduced.

Through these innovations and this new eco-friendly branch, SGBF continues to assert itself as a relationship-focused reference bank in Burkina Faso.” declared Papa Demba DIOP, Head of sales for the Private and Professional market of SGBF

General policy and environmental achievements

At the heart of the system, the bank also has an impact on the environment via its activities. More specifically, in Senegal for instance, as part of its global approach to manage the environmental aiming to reduce its energy consumption and waste production, SGBS (Senegal) has renovated the lighting of part of its headquarters by re equipping it with low consumption lamps (reduction of 10,6% of electricity consumption at the headquarters, that is a saving of 22,000Kwh per year). 


Societe Generale is active in terms of raising employee awareness of recycling and waste, but also through partnerships and citizen actions. In Senegal, SGBS has relied on World Environment Day to launch its waste management project whose aims is to reduce, recycle, value waste produced on a daily basis. A new waste collection system will be set up and as part of the valorisation and recycling of waste, partnerships have been signed. In Algeria, Société Générale Algérie, forty or so employees and their families, participated in a wide beach clean-up operation, with the ANIT association (helping children with Down’s syndrome), through the “Cleaners of the Sea” project, a vast operation of to clean-up the beach. Société Générale Maroc, in line with its commitment to preserve the environment has supported the national campaign ‘Free Morocco of plastic bags’, initiated by the Mawarid association, with a view to raise public awareness of the danger of non-biodegradable plastic bags to the environment and to promote alternative sustainable, robust solutions to shopkeepers and consumers. The bank has also supported the Al Jisr association which works as part of a project to enhance and recycle computer equipment for schools.