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"Tam-tam", the virtual Panafrican hackathon: day-7 before the final!

Employees and external startups brainstorm on the issues of informal economy;

Officially launched last April on the 16th, "Tam-Tam" hackathon is chapter 2 of the project initiated in December 2017. Societe Generale had launched in Abidjan a hackathon dedicated to the informal life course called "The Palaver Tree". Following the success of this initiative, Dakar's Innovation lab team, under the impetus of the AFMO innovation Head Valérie Noëlle Kodjo Diop, in partnership with Jokkolabs, YUP, Manko, Bluenove and Le Plateau, has committed to pursuing the adventure by organizing a second and virtual hackathon: Tam-Tam.

This event aims to go beyond the first round in Abidjan. This initiative is resolutely digital, by creating a dedicated platform for the bootcamp and opening the debate to hundreds of informal actors. The project has been adapted to include all those who do not have access to digital tools. A dozen workshops were organized in several African countries to gather the needs of more than 400 women and men from the informal sector. Through listening, humility and learning, this bootcamp and virtual hackathon will give a voice to unbanked and/or poorly-banked population on the themes of physical health and financial education.

If the actors of the informal sector have expressed directly the interest of deepening the subject of education, health has emerged as a central problem in several testimonies. "Some will say that health is far from our professions. It is no longer a question for us of considering the bank as a set of products for sale but as a platform of services to accompany the well-being of our current and future customers. Banking As A Service is being built today," said Valérie Kodjo Diop.

Before finding the solutions during the hackathon, a first phase, called Bootcamp, took place to identify the main subjects related to the two problems found.

This time, Societe Generale wanted to involve teams of internal employees who will work alongside external startups to find solutions to the problems of non-and/or unbanked and poorly-banked-people.

Six teams were therefore selected in June, and will present their projects on July the 13th, facing the numerous challenges of the informal sector. Morocco, Côte d'Ivoire, Algeria, Chad, Cameroon and many other countries are represented through six participating teams, which will all be supported by the Innovation Lab to perfect the content, form and pitch of their projects before receiving an award from Frédéric Oudéa, CEO of Societe Generale.

See you on @SGAfrica on July 13th to discover the overall winner of Tam-Tam hackathon!

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