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Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab for African subsidiaries

Launched by Societe Generale in February 2016, this action "think tank" is an innovation incubator, especially dedicated to initiatives from Societe Generale's African subsidiaries. It aims to equip them and to spur an innovation, collective intelligence, shared growth and experimentation culture.

Immersed in the ecosystem of Jokkolabs, an independent entrepreneurship and innovation catalyst, the Innovation Lab is in permanent contact with startups, developers, students, etc. Through this openness, the Lab manages to inspire African employees to open innovation, by supporting them in an innovative and differentiating projects co-construction approach. 

The Lab and African startups at the service of innovation

Since its creation, the Innovation Lab has launched two innovation contests.

The first banking Panafrican hackathon, for startups and African developers

In February 2016, the Innovation Lab, in partnership with Jokkolabs and Bluenove, launched the first banking Panafrican hackathon, a contest completely opened to external participants. Under the theme "in-branch customer experience", this hackathon turned out to be very popular among African startups and developers, who joined the contest in droves.

As a result, three startups were awarded. Their projects are currently being accelerated by the Innovation Lab, in three Group entities (Ghana, Burkina Faso and Senegal), and will be rolled out in several entities as early as first quarter 2017.

The first "Panafrican Innovation Challenge", for Societe Generale employees in Africa

Societe Generale launched the first "Panafrican Innovation Challenge", an internal contest about customer satisfaction. Opened to all staff in Africa,this challenge gathered over 800 employees from 14 countries, which resulted in 400 submitted projects.

14 finalist teams presented their projects to a jury of Group top managers, on 28 July in Tunis. Three teams, Tunisia, Cameroon and Guinea, stood out and won the contest.

These three projects are being incubated by the Lab, to be rolled out as from first quarter 2017. Other finalist teams – Algeria, Benin and Mauritania – are also further developing their projects with the support of the Lab, especially regarding agile methodology and collective intelligence.

Less than a year after the Innovation Lab was launched, a real innovation dynamic has been spurred in Societe Generale's African entities. Today, they are developing about ten innovative ideas, with an agile, co-constructive, open to the external ecosystem approach, providing them with an efficient time to market and an innovative and differentiating service offering.